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The placement of workforce service is a very effective tool in the labor market which provides great flexibility to companies who:

  • Do not have the enough professionally qualified human resources to meet their working needs.
  • Have restrictions on the number of personnel
  • Need seasonal or temporary positions
  • Might need employees with special salary packages, which would be difficult to include in the company’s     payroll strategy
  • Need part-time, casual or “on weekends” work
  • Need personnel for jobs that involve long periods of training

Stages of personnel placement:
  • Define the working field, working conditions and payment
  • Present of a detailed offer made after analyzing information previously provided
  • Define our collaboration terms by signing a contract
  • Start recruiting process
  • Get acceptance for hiring candidates
  • Complete formalities for hiring staff
  • Administrate HR procedures and payroll
  • Calculate and payment of salaries and holidays
  • Send monthly statements for social insurance 
  • Take care of labor protection
  • Take care of the confidentiality agreement

The advantages that our services bring: 
  • You don’t have to take care of job advertisements
  • Getting new employees does not require separate costs
  • Testing and selection of the candidates will not consume your time and energy
  • Your business can hire staff only for short periods of time
  • The employee will not be hired under your company umbrella
  • Exemption from payment of taxes and social insurance contributions
  • No need to take care payment processes
  • By working with us, salary becomes a variable cost
  • Avoiding costs from termination of employment
  • Avoiding any possible lawsuit caused by termination of employment
  • Avoiding cumbersome hiring procedures or terminations of contracts

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